New environmental certification scheme for bio-based products
For products with a high proportion of raw materials from renewable sources.
Promoting development of fossil-free products and packaging
Products and packaging undergo technical analysis for monitoring and measurement of the proportion of bio-based raw materials.
Making sustainable choices easier for consumers
Certified products are labelled with the Testfakta Bio-based symbol.


Bio-based Plastic from Forest Surplus

Lignin Industries transforms lignin – a substance naturally found in wood that currently goes unused – into a high-quality and functional bio-based material that can replace traditional, fossil-based plastics.

Apple & RISE are creating a new bio-based material

Electronics giant Apple and Sweden's research institute RISE are developing a new type of material together.

ICA and Blomsterlandet switch from plastic to wood fiber

Both ICA and the flower chain Blomsterlandet have announced that they are switching to flower trays made of pressed wood fiber instead of the conventional plastic ones. In both cases, the new molded fiber trays come from Stora Enso.