New environmental certification scheme for bio-based products
For products with a high proportion of raw materials from renewable sources.
Promoting development of fossil-free products and packaging
Products and packaging undergo technical analysis for monitoring and measurement of the proportion of bio-based raw materials.
Making sustainable choices easier for consumers
Certified products are labelled with the Testfakta Bio-based symbol.


New ecolabel promotes bio-based production

Many products are made from materials originating from oil (petroleum) and other fossil resources. Testfakta Bio-based is a new environmental certification scheme, designed to encourage more consumers to opt for bio-based alternatives to conventional products. This helps to reduce climate impact and, in the long term, bring about a fossil-free society.

How green are 'green detergents'?

Many laundry detergents and fabric softeners are marketed as especially natural and sustainable. But some of these contain more fossil raw materials than ordinary laundry products, Testfakta’s analysis shows.

Biomass from marine microalgae

To meet the need for new, cleaner energy, novel research is now under way. It is about transforming marine algae into biomass. The goal is to use this biomass for energy and in production of various materials, such as plastic.