New environmental certification scheme for bio-based products
For products with a high proportion of raw materials from renewable sources.
Promoting development of fossil-free products and packaging
Products and packaging undergo technical analysis for monitoring and measurement of the proportion of bio-based raw materials.
Making sustainable choices easier for consumers
Certified products are labelled with the Testfakta Bio-based symbol.


New technology can help combat climate crisis

Scientists have created a novel technology that can help to tackle climate change and address the global energy crisis.

Can today's plastics be replaced by fungus?

About 91% of plastic isn’t recycled and we consume about 5 grams of micro plastic waste in our food every week,. Microscopic pieces of plastic have been discovered in the most remote locations, from the depths of the ocean to Arctic ice. Another place that plastic is appearing is inside our bodies.

Humble Bee Bio

The New Zeeland company Humble Bee Bio is developing technology to produce a new type of bio-plastic that mimics the material produced by a special kind of bee, Hylaeus or the yellow-faced bees.