Certified products

We continuously analyse and certify new bio-based products. Below we list all products that meet the requirements and have received Testfakta Bio-based certification.

All certified products are labelled with the Testfakta Bio-based symbol, in which the proportion of bio-based content in the product is also stated. Certified products are also provided with unique ID numbers linked with their certification results.

Two versions of the label are available: Bio-based and Bio-based from plant.

  • Bio-based is used for all bio-based products.
  • Bio-based from plant is used only for bio-based products in which the bio-based part comes exclusively from the plant kingdom (100% plant raw materials).

Petrol Vitrex -38°C

Petrol Vitrex -38°C is a windscreen washer fluid produced by the Slovenian chemical company Kimi. It is a premium quality solution with multiple effects. It protects the windscreen from freezing, prevents windscreen washer jets from freezing, cleans the windscreen and remove insects. The product is available in Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia.