Bio-based Plastic from Forest Surplus

Lignin Industries transforms lignin – a substance naturally found in wood that currently goes unused – into a high-quality and functional bio-based material that can replace traditional, fossil-based plastics.

Apple & RISE are creating a new bio-based material

Electronics giant Apple and Sweden's research institute RISE are developing a new type of material together.

ICA and Blomsterlandet switch from plastic to wood fiber

Both ICA and the flower chain Blomsterlandet have announced that they are switching to flower trays made of pressed wood fiber instead of the conventional plastic ones. In both cases, the new molded fiber trays come from Stora Enso.

Palm-Free Palm Oil Can Alleviate Environmental Destruction

There is palm oil in nearly everything, and its demand is devastating rainforests. The American company C16 Biosciences has developed a microbial oil to replace palm oil.

OrganoClick imitates nature's chemistry

Disposable products such as napkins and mouthguards today contain adhesives created from plastic. These binding materials may spread in nature, creating problems for both individual animals and entire biotopes. The Swedish company OrganoClick is working to replace the plastic in binders with bio-based alternatives, which have been developed from food waste products.

How carbon-14-analysis works

Testfakta uses carbon-14 analysis to determine the proportion of biomass in different types of products. But how does it work in the laboratory? We turned to our partner RISE, the only laboratory in Europe accredited for determining the proportion of biogenic material with carbon-14 analysis.

Fine textiles from Finnish trees

The Finnish company Spinnova has developed a textile fiber created from cellulose. This is a step forward for a world in great need of textile fiber but where the raw materials have problems related either to their sufficiency or oil-based nature.

Reselo Rubber: The material turning birch bark into sneakers

The Swedish innovation company Reselo has developed a polymer from birch bark, a rubber that can replace both fossil-based rubber and synthetic rubber in the vast majority of applications: Reselo Rubber.

Toray announces biobased adipic acid for polyamide 66

Toray Industries, Inc. (Tokyo, Japan), has announced that it has developed the world’s first 100% bio-based adipic acid, a raw material for polyamide 66 (Nylon 66), from sugars derived from inedible biomass.

Simple method destroys dangerous 'forever chemicals,' making water safe

Using common reagents in heated water, chemists can splice and break down PFAS, leaving only harmless compounds