Frequently asked questions

This section contains answers to the most frequently asked questions about Testfakta Bio-based. If you have any other questions about certification or labelling, or are interested in certifying a product, you are welcome to contact us.

What is Testfakta Bio-based?
A number of environmental certification schemes already exist. Is another necessary?
What does certification involve?
What is a bio-based product?
Is bio-based the same as plant based?
How do you measure bio-based content?
How does the content of inorganic materials affect the assessment?
Are bio-based products better than others?
What are the requirements for products to be certified?
What products can be certified?
How are certification and labelling financed?
May a certified product contain palm oil or residuals from the palm-oil industry?
Which organisations are responsible for the certification?
Who checks whether the certification keeps its promises?
Who is behind Testfakta Bio-based?
What is the purpose of Testfakta Bio-based?
Is Testfakta Bio-based a profit-driven organisation?