Certified products

We continuously analyze and certify new bio-based products. All certified products may be marked with the symbol Testfakta Bio-based, where the proportion of bio-based content is stated.

All certified products are provided with an ID number that links to information about the product owner, certified products and the results of the certification.

new label ID

The code consists of a letter followed by two digits and links the product owner's page with information about certified products. Enter the three-digit code in the search box (top left section of the home page) to search for information about a product owner or a certified product. Alternatively, enter the name of the product owner (company), which then links to all information about the product owner, not just certified products.


For products certified before 2021 (the old label), the code consists of the letter B followed by a four-digit code, which links to a specific certified product.

old label ID