About Testfakta

About Testfakta

Testfakta’s role, as an independent party, is to point out relevant differences of importance to consumers among various product options.

Published: Nov, 15, 2018

Advanced testing in a laboratory environment provides answers to important questions about quality and performance. Which bicycle helmet affords the best protection for my child’s head? Which detergent is most effective without bleaching clothes? Do organic bananas contain fewer pesticides?

To get relevant answers to questions of this kind, looking at, squeezing and feeling products are not enough. Advanced measurements in a controlled laboratory environment are required.

All Testfakta’s tests are performed by independent testing and research laboratories that are experts in their respective product and testing areas.

We guide consumers to products and services that meet their expectations and needs. Our tests and investigations induce manufacturers and retailers to do a better job of offering what consumers demand. Together, we drive the market towards better products and services.

About Testfakta

Testfakta is an independent test and research company that specialises in laboratory testing and assessment of consumer products. Business operations are conducted in two divisions.

Testfakta Editorial
Testfakta Editorial is the Nordic region’s leading consumer news agency. Since the start in 2001, we have provided media with advanced consumer journalism based on results from laboratory testing of consumer products. All articles are published on Testfakta.se, our web-based consumer information pages.

Testfakta Research
Testfakta also tests products on assignment from manufacturers, retailers, government agencies and other non-media clients. The assignment business is separate from the news agency. The procedure for commissioned testing is the same as for our regular testing activities, with the difference that production costs are borne by the clients and not, as otherwise, by Testfakta.se or Testfakta Editorial’s customers.

The starting point for both lines of business is, as an independent party, to identify relevant, and to consumers important, distinctions among various product options.