Humble Bee Bio

Humble Bee Bio


The New Zeeland company Humble Bee Bio is developing technology to produce a new type of bio-plastic that mimics the material produced by a special kind of bee, Hylaeus or the yellow-faced bees.


Published: Jun, 1, 2022

Hylaeus does not produce honey, instead it lines their nest with a waterproof and contaminant proof clear cellophane substance that does not melt or dissolve with strong chemicals. They also secrete a substance that protects the nest from fungi and bacteria. This substance is secreted from the mandibles. This substance is what the company is trying to replicate on an industrial scale. 

Humble Bee Bios CTO Ryan Graves says to TechCrunch:

"It’s resistant to acids and bases. It’s hydrophobic, it’s waterproof, it’s flame retardant, it’s stable up to 240 degrees Celsius."

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