Glittering sequins of wood

Glittering sequins of wood

Photo: Elissa Brunato / RISE

Research from RISE shows that it is possible to make glittering sequins from bio-based materials. 

Published: Jan, 3, 2020

Many times sustainability is seen as something disassociated from the wants of the fashion world. Elissa Brunato, a designer graduating from Central St Martins in London, has collaborated with material scientists Tiffany Abitol and Hjalmar Granberg at RISE to demonstrate that it is possible to make sequins of wood. Sequins that shimmer in a variety of colours usually consist of reflective materials such as aluminium, usually on a plastic base. Elissa's project "Bio Iridescent Sequin" shows that luxury and beauty are not in contrast to sustainability. At the Material Futures Exhibition during Milano Design Week, Elissa showcased swatches of embroidered cellulose nanocrystal sequins. 

- In general, people were in awe that the sequins were shimmering naturally as they were first convinced that the material was petrol based, purely from its visual appearance, says Elissa Brunato

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