Can you make batteries from wood?

Can you make batteries from wood?

Hard carbon - anode material
Hard carbon - anode material for lithium-ion batteries. Photo: courtesy of Stora Enso

Batteries are a must in today's society and the demand just gets bigger. At the same time, batteries are not particularly environmentally friendly. To meet the future needs for battery capacity and reduce environmental impact, new materials and manufacturing methods are required.

Published: Nov, 24, 2021

Stora Enso has developed a new process to replace fossil-based carbon in today's lithium-ion batteries. They use lignin from wood to produce a renewable carbon. Lignin is a collection of aromatic compounds in wood that gives it strength and resistance to chemical attacks. Lignin is the part of the wood that you want to get rid of to get a pure cellulose for the pulp in paper production. It is thus a side product from the pulp industry. However, the lignin compounds have a high content of carbon in their chemical structure, which is why it is a good candidate for conversion to the type of carbon used in today's batteries. This process also brings technical advantages such as the possibility for faster charging and discharging of the battery, according to Stora Enso.

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